Julie Sassón, Mexican Plastic Artist,

Part of her work is found in public and private collections in Mexico, U.S.A, Belgium, Spain and China. She has participated in several auctions and exhibitions in Mexico.

Her most recent exhibition, Revelations in Casa Lamm. On August 8th, her artwork was shown at the Museo de Arte Latino in Pomona, Los Angeles in a collective exhibition, as well as in Belgium this past october. Another previous exhibitions has been made in Seoul, Korea and in Shanghai, China.

From the artists own words, the conducting thread of her works are emotions and sensations that she experiments while nurturing from light and energy, and therefore be able to reflect her art with optimism, tranquility, strenght and passion, from all that she perceives and at the same time she would like to express.

The artist admires matter in it's purest form, this is why she is not afraid to adventure in the creation of her own materials. Mounts and prepares each canvas according to the tecnique she has chosen, mixing pigments, wax, resins and oil as per the required finish to be achieved, finally she chooses the brushes, spatulas, and paintbrushes, and even the torch, tools which she will use to submit the elements.